The new Microsoft Surface Pro – Where Fashion & Technology Unite


On June 9th I attended the Canadian Launch of the Microsoft Surface Pro at Saks, CF Sherway Gardens.  First off, if the space design was any indication of the new Surface Pro and Surface Laptop, I must admit I was super impressed.  The space was designed by Janette Ewen and it highlighted all the Surface accessories beautifully.  During this event and even just getting to know the Surface devices in this short amount of time, my mind has been somewhat blown. The designs are just absolutely stunning, modern, and sophisticated. Aside from the actual function of the Surface Laptop, from a design and decor perspective (obviously thats where my mind always goes first), The Surface Pro and its accessories will elevate any office/workspace style instantly.


About the event:

The event on June 9th was an entertaining and informative panel discussion on fashion and technology, which truly do go hand in hand.

Guests on the panel included Janette Ewen, Jessica Mulroney, Hayley Elsaesser, Joey Pitt and Susan Langdon. Things discussed on the panel had me really engaged as it opened my eyes to how technology truly does change the entire creative process for everyone across the board. Specifically the panel touched on the design community and everyone from fashion designers and stylists to business owners. A big take away from the panel discussion was how technology and design really work together hand in hand and they truly inspire one another. Innovations in technology influence and inspire certain designs, and you can look at it the other way around as well. Beautiful designs can too influence innovations in technology.


About the Surface Pro:

I was really lucky to be previewing these new additions – the Microsoft Surface Laptop and Surface Pro, as it really opened my eyes to not just the functionality of the Surface devices, but also the sleek modern design which I was immediately struck by and attracted to.  Both devices are compact, thin and super light, so portability is also a huge plus. I really loved the Surface Laptop, which has a modern blend of fabric which takes away that cold metal feel but not from the modern design.  Its a soft marble surface that I just wanted to touch and stare at. Plus battery lasts for 13.5 without being charged.  That is just crazy! No other device has ever brought me this kind of power and performance.  There is just nothing like a reliable PC, but when you add this elevated design into it, Im sold!

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